We are currently raising money to pay for the new roof

which was purchased in 2018.


This is a program that allows you to buy a gift card to various retailers. You get the full value of the gift card and the church gets a donation based on the card you bought. For example,  if you purchase a $100 gift card, you can use it to purchase $100 of products.  If your purchase uses less than $100,  the balance of the money stays on your gift card for the next time you shop. 

The cards do not have any expiry date.

Finally, the gift cards do make wonderful gifts as well. You can buy a gift for all your gift giving needs and the church also gets a donation!  

This is a wonderful win-win proposition. 

Orders are placed on the first Tuesday of each month and gift cards can be picked up starting the following Tuesday. 

You can pay for the order via check to Dundas Baptist Church (please put Fundscrip on the memo line), through cash delivered to our administrator during her regular working hours, or through e-transfer to info@dundasbaptistchurch.com 

You can download the latest order form from the NEWS tab.

Penguin Random House Book Fundraiser

 Penguin Random House is offering a fundraising opportunity through its sales of Christian and other Books.  For every book we purchase, Dundas Baptist Church would receive a portion of the sale (45%).   

Simply go to the Penguin Random House Canada web page (https://www.penguinrandomhouse.ca/).  Choose the books you would like to order then send the information to cathie.lowell@gmail.com  

Once the book has been ordered you will be informed of the amount to pay.  Payments are made directly to the church (via cheque or e-transfer).  

The books would be shipped directly to the church for people to pick up.  You will receive an email when the books are ready for pick up.  

Link to browse books